Kinderfeets - Wooden ABC Blocks

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Sustainably crafted bamboo blocks that support little ones’ in their development while also nurturing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

This set of 18 bamboo blocks contains:

  • Alphabet letters (capitals); four of A,B,E,I,O,R,S,T,U; two of all other consonants
  • Numbers 1–9 (two of each)
  • 4 elements of the earth (two of each)
  • 4 season symbols (two of each)

A tactile teaching tool, the Kinderfeets Bamboo ABC blocks will engage your child in the fun of building, stacking, sorting, and categorising. The blocks can be used to construct towers, walls, and 3D shapes, or laid flat in ordered lines, groups, or creative designs. Not only that, but the learning topics will help your child understand key concepts in the natural world and will aid their practice of counting numbers, singing their ABCs, and even spelling words.

Product dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 3.8 cm.
Age: Suitable for ages 12 months and up.