Kismet & Co - Merino Bonnet - Toasted Almomd

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The honeycomb collection is designed in New Zealand by Kezia and hand knitted in Peru by a team of 20 skilled knitters.

100% Merino

Care: Kismet & Co hand-knits are treasures that showcase our crafter's skill and artistic talent. They are designed with high quality yarn and made to last IF taken care of properly. Because of their delicate nature, hand-knit items benefit from less washing, so only wash when necessary. 

-We recommend using a formula developed specifically for wool.

-Use a clean sink, or any container/bowl large enough to completely submerge the item when washing. Fill it with cold or cool water, mix in the detergent well, and then completely submerge the item. 

-Gently agitate the knitted item in the water to clean it, but never wring or scrub. Being rough with the item can cause it to warp and felt.

-Depending on the wool wash you use, you may need to rinse your item (Soak Wash has a no rinse formulation!). If you do need to rinse the item, make sure you use the same temperature water that you used for washing, as you don’t want to shock the fibres which can cause felting.

-Gently remove excess water by laying the item flat on a dry absorbent towel. Either roll up the garment in the towel, pressing firmly as you roll, or place another towel on top of the garment and press down on the items (I like to walk on mine shhhhh). DO NOT wring the towel/s.

-Prepare your blocking mats, or if you do not have any, lay a dry folded bath towel (or two) on a flat surface large enough to hold your garment. 

-Dry flat on a towel. Allow the item to air-dry for 24 hours. If not completely dry, flip the item over onto another dry towel, arrange it into shape, and dry for at least another 24 hours.