Q Toys - Baby Shower Gift Set

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The perfect gift set for anyone welcoming a little one into the world. This set is made up of Q Toys Montesorri inspired toys.

Includes: Dual Discs, Montessori Vertical ring stacker, Cube Rattle & 4 blocks

The Dual discs: are one of the first developmental toys that can be offered to infants 3 months+. The interlocking discshave a dual purpose: crawling motivation and hand-to-hand transfer. The unique positioning of the discs means this hand to hand transfer also requires some wrist rotation. Measuring 8cm

Montessori Vertical ring stacker:  offers natural wood which isolates the skill of putting the blocks on the dowel by keeping the shapes and colours consistent. Encouraging in developing the proper grasp and hand-eye coordination needed later in life for writing. Measures 10x10x12cm

The Cube rattle: offers babies a grasping experience and offers a gentle sound as the cube is shaken. Suitable for babies 3 months+ under adult supervision. Measures 45mmx45mm

4 piece wooden: blocks perfect for balancing, building and problem solving.