Raduga Grez - Mountain Arch - Wooden Stacker

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Small Mountains - arcs for a creative, enthusiastic independent game. Natural colors do not visually overload, and the texture of the tree and details of different sizes are useful for motility.  

Teaches children the skills of the future - logic, the ability to build causal relationships, unconventional thinking, the ability to find innovative solutions.

With this toy you can come up with an infinite number of games and they will all be educational:
  • Put parts on top of each other, catching balance
  • Build garages for machines and houses for toy animals
  • Create a whole fabulous landscape with the Russian forest, populate it with rainbow gnomes, a bear or a fox
  • Roll wooden beads in arcs - you get singing mountains
  • Learn the concepts of more-less, colors, learn to count
  • Tell everything you know about the mountains, their history, geography
The toys are not heavy, but, unlike plastic toys, they are not empty inside and very nicely fit in your hand. It’s easy to build from the parts - they do not slip and do not move out.

Product Description
  • Hand made in Russia by third generation carpenters
  • Due to this item being handmade slight variations in colour and size may occur
  • Tree specific spots or steaks may be present

Recommended ages 3+