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Introducing ergopouch – the Sleep Solution for babies, toddlers and even the big kids!


 ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle

The key to ergopouch's success is its unique design. Unlike traditional sleep sacks, which are essentially just bags with holes for the arms and legs, ergopouch has a built-in frame that allows baby to move around freely while still being snug and secure. This not only prevents baby from waking up due to discomfort, but also gives them the freedom to move around and explore their environment – something that is essential for healthy development.
In addition, ergopouch is made from 100% natural fibers, making it gentle on baby's skin and free from harmful chemicals. Plus, the unique design means that it can be used from birth all the way through childhood – making it an investment that will last for years to come. This means it's firm enough to restrict startle reflex whilst still allowing stretch and movement for healthy growth. The stretch allows for added comfort, and for a baby to move its hands into a self-settling position inside the swaddle. The soft, breathable organic cotton and bamboo is certified non-toxic, dyed with water based dyes, and gentle on newborn skin, and skin prone to eczema breakouts.
A zip enclosure also protects your child's delicate skin, and the handy arm poppers transition the Cocoon from an arms-in swaddle to arms-out sleeping bag when baby is showing signs of rolling. The bell shaped design is approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being hip-healthy, and promotes proper joint development in the hips and shoulders joints. Finally, the two-way zipper makes for quick and easy nappy changes during sleep with minimal disruptions.

What is TOG rating?

The TOG you see on most ergoPouch products stands for Thermal Overall Grade. It was created in the 1940s to measure the warmth of sleeping items and beddings, especially for bedding. A higher 3.5 TOG rating indicates a warmer sleeping bag.
Even with that information, it’s difficult to determine the perfect TOG for your baby’s swaddle for maximum convenience. Fortunately, ergoPouch provides an easy way to determine what TOG sleeping bag you need by following a four-step process.
The first step is getting the average room temperature where your baby sleeps,
If you don’t have a thermometer to take your room’s temperature, you don’t need to buy one. Almost all ergoPouch products come with a thermometer included at no price.
Your options vary across different room temperatures, and if your room temperature exceeds 26 degrees Celsius, you’ll need a 0.2 TOG/0.3 TOG.
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How to use the cocoon swaddle bag

  1. Open the Cocoon and lay on a low, flat surface
  2. Lay your baby on top, and zip up from the bottom. You can choose to have their arms down at their side, or across their chest when you zip up based on sleeping preference.
  3. To change their diaper, zip up from the bottom to release their legs and lower torso. You do not need to fully upzip the Cocoon, or release their arms, for this.
  4. To transition to arms-out sleeping, open the arm-poppers at the shoulders before dressing your child in the Cocoon.
  5. Sleep your child in their Cocoon Swaddle Bag with their feet touching the end of their cradle or crib.


If you're looking for a way to promote healthy development, decrease crying, and make your life as a new parent just a little bit easier, look no further than an ergonomic sleep cocoon! Trust us - your baby (and your) will thank you for it.

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