About us

Hello, we are so glad you found us! My name is Dania, the creator behind the scenes of our small family run store Whisper & Wild, my partner Cameron our three children Mason, Oakleigh & Asher are our biggest inspirations and experience for launching.

We are local to Invercargill and are so excited for the changes the inner city is undergoing, we just knew it was time to bring our dream to reality! 

After having my second baby I was more aware of what we needed to purchase for ease of parenting, quality, function and of course things that ticked my aesthetic, but also noting our little ones don't need 'everything' a less is more approach is key! We wanted to create a curated store to share these offerings with others southland parents.

The name Whisper & Wild was created when I made some natural inspired wooden bead and feather baby mobiles in my quiet time, Whisper represents the calming gentle times we have in parenting and Wild is all the other crazy hectic parts of this whole gig. They also represent the nature of our 3 babies each with shining individual personalities.

I cannot wait to meet you all in store and be here for any part of your parenting journey - from essential items through to some informative talks (sleep consultants, lactation, baby wearing and so forth) we are here for you! Thankyou to all those small businesses we have connected with so far! Let’s do this 

Dania x