What to consider when choosing a stroller?

Baby Happy in a Edwards & Co pram

Here at Whisper and Wild we are the Invercargill stockists of the award-winning New Zealand designed brand Edwards & Co.

We have personally used this stroller & accessories for a number of years and recommend to many friends and family.
When we were planning our store, we chose to bring Edwards & Co to Invercargill for many reasons, the number one being the very well-designed system with you as a parent in mind.
There are many things to consider when preparing for your arrival, but a stroller system is high up on the list. It's used daily, its most likely going to be a bigger expense if so and of course you want the number one - safety.
We want to share some of our main questions we ask parents to understand what it is they are looking for what their typical lifestyle looks like and how much they have shopped around. Sometimes it comes down to various features that are needed but we think this one cover just that!

If this is our first child, will we be having more?

Crazy right, your still in the whirlwind of emotions as you start to prepare for your child, so this thought is often overlooked.
If you're considering more, we recommend future proofing with a single stroller that has the capacity to become a double.
Olive is "small yet might" sold as a single stroller with four wheels you can use this stroller for many urban activities. With a main seat capacity of 22kgs and storage basket of 10kg you little one will last a sure while in this ride.
Olive is the same footprint as a single stroller or a double. Ensuring a smooth easy to handle stroller with centered weight balance, great for that one handed arm we quickly become skilled with.
You can use the Avery Capsule and Carry cot mx & carry cot 2 with Olive. IF you're using as a double with the provided upper adapters its recommended to use the new shorter carry cot 2.
If the future calls and you need to get more than one little person around Olive can become a double with multiple configurations. Simply purchase a second seat kit - this entails another 22kg limit toddler seat and lower adapters.
Oscar is a 3 wheel "all terrain" stroller - with a single child use only. This is still a great option for future with the new "stroller board" attachment. You can make this work depending on age gaps with your children.
Oscar is a seamless, easy to use design and weighs in at a total 11.1kg. The seat capacity is 22kg and both Avery capsule and carry cot attachments can be used with the shared memory adapter system.

Do we have much vehicle space when traveling?

If your limited on space, both the Oscar M2 and Olive are very compact when folded. You can remove the wheels also for added space with a push of a button. As you will learn traveling isn't so light with children on board and the boot packing becomes a bit like a well-thought-out task.
Both strollers can be folded with the seat in forwards facing position only or packed away individually base & seat.

 Should we try out & view a stroller before purchasing?

Yes, we do recommend you go to a local retailer to see if its right for you and your family's daily need. Plus, the benefit of expert advice around the travel system including weight limitations, warranty's and most of all how to use.
Edwards & co have a wide range of informative how to videos available too.
We have the full range of strollers and accessories in store to see anytime with helpful staff to answer any questions.

What's the difference with air tyers or solid rubber tyres? Should we factor this in when looking?


Depending on the individual's lifestyle, if you do a lot of offtrack walking or use your stroller around the likes of a farm as well as around town. Solid rubber wheels are perfectly suitable. You will reduce the need for maintenance, have no worries of punctures & more. Solid rubber (TPE) wheels are slightly more rigid but a comfortable ride with suitable suspension on the stroller.

What is TPE?

Thermoplastic elastomers are tear-resistant yet soft to the touch. TPE material offers noise reduction and vibration damping. The product is more sustainable and can be recycled with minimal impact.

Air filled tyres are heavier and come with more maintenance but offer a smoother ride on extreme terrain. They do come with the risk of punctures, strain of steering when they start to deflate. Overall, both tyres are completely suitable it comes down to the individual use. Mark & the team have recently introduced air filled tyres to swap out the TPE tyres on the Oscar M2 if needed. They are purchased as an accessory but again the option is there for those who prefer.


Does the stroller have an option for parent facing?

A parent facing seat option is ideal but not essential. The benefits of having a parent facing seat allows you to maximize bonding and engagement with your little one, keep an eye on them and comfort during those 'separation stages'. This feature is one we do love with both Oscar Mx & Olive. When your children are a little older and more inquisitive you can easily flip the seat around to face outward.

Does it meet the current AS/NZS safety standards?


When you're buying a new stroller, one of the most significant factors to consider is safety. While many features are mandatory, and products meet Australian/NZ standards for certification- it's still important not only know about them but also how they will help keep your child secure while traveling with their favorite caregiver! A five-point harness provides the best protection. We recommend looking into the safety precautions for strollers you may be considering and also find out if it meets the current compliance with the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2088:2013.



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