Lila Jasmine FAQ's

Lila Jasmine Lactation Bars


Instructions for use:

Creator + midwife Renata recommends that you eat one bar every other day to begin with or you might get more than you bargained for. Gauge your response to the galactagogues + either increase or decrease your intake from there. The bars are designed to eat on-the-go, deliberately individually wrapped so you can have one with you anywhere + eat it anytime. You could try crumbling one + serving with yoghurt + fresh fruit or warming one for 20 seconds in the microwave + serving with custard or ice-cream

Do the lactation bars actually work?

You tell us that they do! These lactation bars are full of galactagogues which are ingredients traditionally used to increase breastmilk supply but we make no promises that these will improve your supply - after all, we’re all different!

What is a galactagogue?

A galactagogue is a substance used to increase breastmilk supply. These lactation bars baked with the galactagogues brewers yeast, oats, chia seeds + linseed.

How many bars should I eat? It’s recommended that you eat one bar every other day to begin with, you can increase or decrease your consumptions from there depending on your response.

Are the bars dairy free? Yes, these lactation bars are dairy free.

Are the bars gluten free? No, these lactation bars are oat based + are not gluten free.

Do I have to be breastfeeding to eat them? No! We know how busy new parents are + that’s what makes these bars great - anyone can eat them - mums, dads, children, even grandparents.

Do the bars have an expiry date?

Yes, all bars are stamped with a best before date. They have a 12 month shelf life from date of productio