Stanbury House - Natural Hemp / Cotton - Sleepsack

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Stanbury House original sleepsack has been innovatively designed with your baby (and your precious sleep!) in mind.

The fabric is a beautiful blend of hemp and organic cotton with a two way zip located at the front. It consists of a soft cotton neck and two domes on either side to loosen arm holes. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Cold machine washable 
  • Dry naturally
  • Temperature regulating sleepsack for use in every season
  • Anti-microbial properties: no smell!
  • 3 x more durable than cotton and gets softer with every wash
  • Hypoallergenic & antibacterial
  • Open both domes & use as a sleeping bag for 2+ children 


  • The sleepsack is made of preshrunk fabric but will still shrink slightly in the dryer. Hemp dries three times faster than cotton so it is best to dry in the sun.
  • The fabric has antimicrobial properties so there is no smell. You don’t need to wash it much but rest assured, if you do need to, it will get softer with every wash.
  • Due to its hypoallergenic qualities, you do not need to worry about mould, bacteria or dust mites on this product. It potentially may alleviate symptoms of asthma and eczema, making it easier for your little one to get a good night’s sleep.

Why Hemp: 

  • Hemp is antibacterial and hypo-allergenic. There are very few natural allergens in the fabric.
  • Dust mites, bacteria and fungi find it very hard to survive on our products. Our sleepsacks are perfect for children with sensitive skin, eczema or asthma!
  • Fewer irritants = better sleep.

Please note: This product meets all requirements of AS/NZS 1249:2014 (Product Safety Standards) 


What should the room temperature be while using the original sleepsack?

Your baby's room temperature should be between 16-20 degrees and ideally, 18 degrees. 

What is the best way to change my baby's nappy while in the sleepsack?

Our sleepsack has a two way zip. Unzip from the bottom half way up to change your baby's nappy for minimal disturbance in the night.

Does your sleepsack support my baby's hip health?

For healthy hip development, a baby needs to have enough room around their hips to move freely. Our sleepsacks have been designed with this in mind so there is ample room from the chest down for your baby to move.